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Trustee and Executor Services

Individuals and families often engage our trust and probate attorneys to act as trustee or executor. Hiring an attorney to serve as trustee or executor can help prevent costly errors, alleviates the burden from being placed on a loved one, and ensures a legal professional carries out necessary steps. In some cases, an individual names an attorney to serve these roles far in advance during their planning process. In other cases, our attorneys are retained when a trustee or executor is unable or unavailable to serve. 

Individuals or entities serving as trustee or executor have fiduciary responsibilities. Those who serve in these roles could be held personally responsible for errors or negligence. Undue delay, unfamiliarity with legal requirements, and carelessness could cause legal consequences for trustees and executors, and may contribute to trust and estate administration delays and costs.

Aside from the legal benefits of choosing an attorney as trustee (or successor trustee) or executor, this planning move prevents issues of favoritism or negative sentiments from surfacing between surviving family members who may feel disappointed a relative was named instead of themselves. Choosing an attorney also ensures that surviving family members won’t face the unpleasant administrative obligations in the wake of a loved one’s death. This time could instead focus on grieving, honoring the decedent, rebuilding family life, and personal responsibilities.

Our attorneys also provide trust administration and estate administration services, providing one-time or ongoing representation of trustees and executors as they fulfill their duties. We provide legal counsel in North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and New York trusts and estates.