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What Clients Say About Our Estate and Probate Attorneys

Thank you for your interest in learning more about TrustCounsel's work. Just as the decisions you make about your assets, healthcare, and investments should be done carefully, selecting the right attorney to handle your estate matters should be equally thoughtful. Below we share our clients' thoughts about their experiences working with our estate planning and elder law attorneys.
attorney testimonialsI highly recommend Greg and everyone at TrustCounsel for their estate legal needs. I thought I was relatively knowledgeable about wills and estate tax and legal issues but there were so many additional issues of which I was unaware. They were professional, knowledgeable and were never condescending when I asked numerous questions. Due to an unexpected health situation that required urgent surgery, I reached out to TrustCounsel to understand how best to keep what I've earned within my family. I had an unbelievably short timeframe before surgery and Greg was able to work with me to compress what typically took much longer in order to meet my needs. Greg and Samantha educated me on estate considerations, provided prompt and direct answers to my numerous queries, and completed my entire estate planning paperwork documents in an expedited time frame and thorough manner. Impressed with their professionalism and legal knowledge, I also made the decision to use them for my will, healthcare, medical and LLC needs. They so perfectly pulled through for me that I'm staying with them long-term. Tax and estate laws change regularly and I have comfort in knowing that Trust Counsel is on top of these things!
-Marcia, North Carolina estate planning client
Greg handles my estate planning issues and is very responsive, knowledgeable, and easy-going. I am an attorney myself and I marvel at how he can discuss very complex legal issues in a way that is simple and easy to understand. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs an estate plan. 
-TrustCounsel estate planning client. Name withheld for privacy purposes.

I have been very pleased with the professional services that your estate planning firm has provided. At all times, both courteous and prompt in execution. I would engage you again, if a need arose.
-Colin Johnson, UK estate planning client regarding North Carolina trust matter.

Thank you for all your help in my revision of my will and trust agreement. I sleep better at night knowing these documents will guide those who follow me. -Lee from Pittsboro, NC. Full name withheld for privacy purposes.

My parents, who both passed away in recent years, were clients of TrustCounsel for many years. TrustCounsel provided superb counsel and support to my parents in their estate planning. As executor and trustee of their estate, I experienced first-hand the qualities that make TrustCounsel so outstanding. The TrustCounsel legal team guided me through the process of settling the estate/trust with an extremely high level of expertise, knowledge, compassion and sensitivity. All communications with the legal team were clear and timely. This was a very trying time for our family, and members of the legal team--most notably Samantha Reichle and Terry Whitley Curro--provided great comfort and a sense of security that we were in very good hands legally. The best testament to my faith in TrustCounsel is that, although my husband and I live in Connecticut, we are now working with TrustCounsel in North Carolina for our estate planning. We value the unique combination of superb legal counsel and a very personal approach to estate planning that the legal team at TrustCounsel provides. -Full name withheld for privacy purposes.

Our experience with TrustCounsel was extremely positive. Estate planning attorney Greg Herman-Giddens and Samantha Reichle were very organized, informative, and responded quickly to all of our questions. The entire office staff including Peggy Kline and Jill Kilby were welcoming and helpful during the entire process.
Name withheld for privacy purposes.

My husband introduced me to your firm in 2003. His mother and sister were also clients. Somehow I've felt more than just a client as you have guided us through the years in making sure that our affairs were in order, answering lots of questions, and explaining legalese. All staff members are respectful, friendly, courteous, good listeners, extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile.
-Patricia A. Watts

Attorney Samantha Reichle was very professional and was able to explain complicated legal forms in a simple way.
-Name withheld for privacy purposes.

We came in with distinct ideas about what we wanted to have in our wills. Our attorney was a great listener and worked hard to incorporate our wishes into a will that the firm would deem of high quality. We were very pleased with the iterative process and with the final results. This firm consists of thorough professionals of the highest caliber. They are good listeners and great teachers and give high confidence in the quality of work the clients receive.
-Name withheld for privacy purposes.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Terry for her excellent work on my behalf settling Derek's estate. She gave great advice (as does Greg) and helped me stay sane, focused and organized as I fulfilled my duty as executor of his estate.
Great communication. I felt well informed. We have worked with TrustCounsel for a number of years and have the highest level of confidence in the advice we receive. The service is very professional and of high quality. We've always been very satisfied.
-Named withheld for privacy purposes.

We've used Greg Herman-Giddens to provide estate planning services for a number of years. He provides excellent advice and service. We trust his knowledge and expertise in preparing all our estate planning documents.

We were very impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness of the staff in answering our questions and concerns. We were also very pleased with the patience that the team had in dealing with all of our questions. We feel very confident that nothing was overlooked.
-Named withheld for privacy purposes.

TrustCounsel is my favorite law firm! I first used them [in 2015] when I received health news that landed me in the hospital for major surgery. Not only did Greg and team thoroughly and expediently create an estate plan for me so that I went into my surgery with peace of mind, but over the long-term they have always been available when I need them. Greg and Samantha have routinely helped me with random questions and/or pointed me in the right direction whenever I’ve had follow-up questions about forms, titling, beneficiary naming, etc. They’re invaluable to me and my family!

Both Greg and Samantha are very good listeners. They understand the complexities of our personal and family needs, and they provided good advice and strategies. Our new trust document is long, 93 pages, but they provided an executive summary that was 6 pages long that was crystal clear and readable. Also, during our conference for signing the documents, Samantha was very accommodating in doing last-minute changes and in presenting a flow-chart diagram of how our assets in the trust will be distributed, should one of us pass away. Both Greg and Samantha are very knowledgeable of current changes in estate laws, and have demonstrated to us that they are real subject matter experts in trust and estate planning.
-Named withheld for privacy purposes.

I appreciate your support and patience with me over the years. This was a mess before I hired you, and it was a huge relief when you took over. Terry, I can't tell you how impressive your professionalism and attention to detail have been.​ Thanks for everything. Sam, your advice on a slew of tricky issues has been timely and clear. I appreciate your hard work.
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